LinkToFilteredView different App

I want to link to a filtered view in a different app. I see how to link to a filtered view in my current app, and how to link to a view in a different app but I can’t seem to find a LinkToFilterView(“my view”, “my apps111111”, Filter expression). The other app has action sets in it that are on a per location basis, I just want to make it easy for my user to select the location in our General information app and get to a view about information specific to that location. These 2 apps have different user sets and serve different functions as a whole so I can’t simply move one apps features, views and actions to another.

Instead of:

LinkToFilterView(“my view”, “my apps111111”, Filter expression)

did you try:

LinkToFilterView(“my view”, Filter expression, “my apps111111”)

The column names are not the same but even if I just try to use a static filter it doesn’t recognize the other view’s column name and if I use the current view’s column name it is parsing the filter expression and the app name together.

Oh, right. That’s why the document doesn’t mention it: the app has to be able to check the filter expression. You won’t be able to use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() as you want. Sorry for the confusion.