LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("INVOR", [Customer Name] = [_THISROW].[Customer Name])

I’m testing this formula but it’s not work, sometimes shows blank but sometimes shows Detail View. It should be show table view of the filter.
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“INVOR”, [Customer Name] = [_THISROW].[Customer Name])

Swap the operands around the is-equal? operator (=):

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“INVOR”, [_THISROW].[Customer Name] = [Customer Name])

Thanks, but it’s still show blank

Does the INVOR view use a table, or a slice?

The same name for slice and table.

Please post a screenshot of the INVOR slice configuration in the app editor.

Sorry INVOR is table and UX

Thanks! I should have asked for this, too: please also post a screenshot of the INVOR view configuration.

Please see the view configuration and the action that I created.

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Thank you for all the screenshots. After reviewing them, I can offer no explanation why your Filter Month action would show blank or ever show a detail view. I suspect the problem is deeper than I can see. I’m afraid I have to suggest you engae directly for help. Please make them aware of this topic as it has lots of useful information.