LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW using string in column

I have a column shown in a Detail View. The column has a list of terms (e.g. below). I would like to create an Action that when chosen, goes to a filtered view showing results that contain any of the words in the list found in column [Faculty].

List Example:
Health Services
Public and Human Services
Industrial and Engineering

Thanks to anyone able to help.

I believe you may wish to mention if you wish a combined filtered filtered view for all those words together? Also if so, are the words in the list constant that you have listed or can they vary?

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Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar

I wish for a combined filtered view and the words in the list will vary, so I’m looking for advice on a solution that would work for whatever happens to be in the column.

Thank you. I believe your expression can be something like below for a static list

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your View Name”, IN([Faculty],{“Health Services”, “Business”, …“Technology”}))

Or as below for a dynamic list. You could add a suitable SELECT() expression for a more qualified dynamic list.

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your View Name”, IN([Faculty],Table Name[Faculty]))


Thanks very much @Suvrutt_Gurjar - worked a charm!