LINKTOFILteredVIEW view-name into table field

Hello, how can I read the view name from a table field, using the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW () function?

LINKTOFILteredVIEW (“attività_inline”, [_ComputedKey] = LOOKUP([_THISROW].[_ComputedKey], “comandi_attivi”, “_ComputedKey”, “_ComputedKey”))


LINKTOFILteredVIEW ([table_field], [_ComputedKey] = LOOKUP([_THISROW].[_ComputedKey], “comandi_attivi”, “_ComputedKey”, “_ComputedKey”))

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW has invalid inputs


Thanks, bye

The first thing you provide with LinkToFilteredView() is:

  • the name of the view.

Does [table_field] contain the name of a view?

PS: I’m not sure this use of LinkToFilteredView() will work… I don’t know, and never tried, to stored the value for the view parameter as a variable in a table.

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For LINKTOVIEW () it is possible, but for LINKTOFILteredVIEW () it does not evaluate

Yeah… I was afraid of that; I don’t think the formula is setup to take a variable - you have to hard code the view you want to go to.

This makes sense now that I think about it;

  • LinkToFilteredView() is a specialized deeplink formula
    • it functions more like a SELECT() formula, and like a select formula you have to give it a table

The table used for the filter condition inside your LinkToFilteredView() is derived from the view you enter

  • that view has a table it’s for, and the system pulls that.

So it makes sense that it wouldn’t allow a variable for the view name, as it needs to know the table in order to validate the filter criteria.


There is a function to read the view name from a field and filter the data?

My solution:

  1. behavior
    app: go to another view

LINKTOVIEW ([table])

  1. slices

Row filter condition

[ComputedKey] = LOOKUP ([ ComputedKey], “active_commands”, “_ComputedKey”, “_ComputedKey”)

It works.

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