LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() vs Slices - The Search For Answers

Now that I have you attention, I wanted to ask the rest of you the Pros and Cons of each option. I’ve used a little bit of both depending on what I’m aiming for over the short few months I’ve been active on AppSheet. But does anyone completely prefer one method over the other? Have you found situations where the LINK is more useful than a Slice? What about vice versa?

And for the purposes of the discussion, let’s assume that either way we want all the columns from the source, since control of them is one of Slices most obvious advantages.

I’m not looking for a defacto end-all be-all answer or anything that I can find in the documentation about each. Just want to see some good discussion and learn from real world ideas and examples from anyone and everyone. And maybe others will learn something as well.

I personally like slices because it allows me to modify the column order without making serious changes. I suppose wether that matters to you depends on the app.

Also I would think if you’re working with others it’s much easier to understand others work when its a slice over a complex expression.

That being said filtered view allows for a deeper customisation of the formula, as it could be relyant on many factors that change depending on the users input to other columns.

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