LINKTOFORM from a Product record to pre-fill Order Form

Hi Guys,

After following the “Order Capture” sample, I am attempting to create an (add to cart sort of) action from a Product record. When triggered, the action pulls up a new Order form with a pre-populated list of the OrderLineItems containing the Product which i triggered the action with. However, I could only get the new Order form to come up with an empty OrderLineItems list. Could it be some error I am committing in the LINKTOFORM expression or perhaps there is something else? Any suggestions?

This is what I’ve tried so far.
LINKTOFORM(“Order_FORM”, “Related_OrderLineItems”, ProductId)
LINKTOFORM(“Order_FORM”, “Related_OrderLineItems”, LIST(ProductId))

Appreciate your time.

I’m guessing the list of items is produced by using the multi-select option within a deck, gallery, or table view, then selecting the action. If so, this isn’t going to work as you want. When applying an action to a multi-select set, the action is applied once to each item, rather than once with all items. Therefore, the action will be aware of only one selected item at a time.

The easiest way to allow a user to choose multiple items for use in a form is to display the form first and present the list of choices as an EnumList column within the form. The EnumList will present a dropdown menu from which the user may make multiple selections. The downside is this presentation isn’t as visually appealing as a deck, gallery, or table view.

To clarify myself, this is what I intended to do.

Image A is a screenshot of a deck type Product Listings. Swiping right in Image B triggers the action to add the product to a new Order which pulls up a new Order form as shown in Image C. However, I would like the Product record which i swiped right on to be added to the Order Line Items in Image C immediately as well.

Image A:

Image B:

Image C:

That’s not possible.