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There is a phone number table with columns Key and Phone number with type enum and base type phone.

A user attempts to add a possibly new phone number using the form of that table. If its already there then it should show up, and if it is not, then a new entry would be made.

What I want is to be able to navigate to two different views based on the status of the phone number entered. If its a new number then it should go to a customer entry form. If its an existing number then it should go to a sales form involving that customer who has that phone number.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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I found a solution myself though, again after posting the problem.

I added a virtual column in the phone number table that displays the customer name from the customers table, using any(select()).

If a new entry is made then the customers column should remain blank.

Then I defined a navigation action using IFS that takes one to the ‘New customer’ form if the customers virtual column is blank, and to the “New Sales” table if the customers virtual column is not blank.

If anyone has a better workaround, please let it be known. Otherwise I will mark my answer as the solution.