Linktoform issue

I have an action which calls:

"Start Date",Today()+1,
"Start Time",TIME(“08:00”),
"End Date",Today()+1,
"End Time",TIME(“09:00”),
"Category",“CRPH Internal Only”,
"Parts Required",“None”,
"QS Response",CONCATENATE("Quick Defect authorised by ",ANY(Select(Staff[Name],[Login Email]=UserEmail()))),

As it is above I get an error saying it cant find “Authorised”, the last item.

If I delete “Authorisation”,“Authorised” I get

The Quick%20Defect%20authorised%20by%20Simon%20Robinson app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator. Unable to fetch app definition. App ‘Quick Defect authorised by Simon Robinson’ was not found.

Can’t see the issue, maybe it just late :pensive:

Doh, forgot to put in the form name :crazy_face:

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