LinktoForm - not completing as expected

I’ve been trying to get deeplinks to a form working.
Basically I get the fields to pass any information that is static text. But the fields that reference Derefs don’t work.

LINKTOFORM(“Key Milestones Form”, “Date”, TODAY(), “Life Domain”, [_THISROW].[Life Domain], “Commitment”, [_THISROW].[Commitment])

So in this expression the Life Domain and Commitment do not get pre-populated in the new record.
Note this is a deep link that is triggered by a notification.

Can you see anything that I’m doing incorrectly here?

Remove [_THISROW]. in both places.

[_THISROW] is used to back out of a SELECT() or similar expression, to get back to the context of the original table.

But in this case, the LINKTOFORM() Action is already in the original table context. There’s nothing to ‘back out’ of, so you can reference the column directly:

LINKTOFORM(“Key Milestones Form”, “Date”, TODAY(), “Life Domain”, [Life Domain], “Commitment”, [Commitment])


Thanks GreenFlux,

I’ll give that a go.


Reopening this one. Upon further testing, I’m seeing some unusual behavior…

When I create a Ratings form directly within the app, the Life Domain and Commitment get written to the google sheet with unique IDs and appear correctly in the Ratings View.

But when I use the LINKTOFORM expression above and complete a rating from a notification, the Commitment gets written to the Google Sheet as it’s text label. This means I end up with some ratings that disappear after I’ve completed them they do not display in the app. While others appear as expected in their desired app views.

The way this has typically worked is that the ID gets written to the Google Sheet and the Text Label appears in the app. Is there a way that I can force the LINKTOFORM expression to populate the google sheet with the ID while still showing the label in view.

It sounds like you’re using LINKTOFORM() to insert values into the form, and you’re choosing the label instead of the key.

Post a picture of your LINKTOFORM() expression and the table/column settings for the column(s) involved.


Thanks for you continued help, GreenFlux

Here is the LINKTOFORM expression:

And here are the table/column settings for the columns involved:

Let me know if these are not the screens you’re looking for

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like you just need to add .[Key] to both column references in the LINKTOFORM().

“Life Domain”, [Life Domain].[Domain ID], <<-Not sure if that’s the right key field name
“Commitment”, [Commitment].[Plan ID])

Thanks Green Flux,

This was the final solution that worked:

“Life Domain”, [Life Domain].[Domain ID],
“Commitment”, [Plan ID])