LinkToForm or LinkToRow

I have a table which controls the field employees log in and log out working at different sites.

At first, employee will Log-in at a site and it is captured through a slice, where some info is captured along with time.

I made another slice for Log-out with columns needed. It has to be linked to a form where I can call the above Log-In (using a reference key or something) and display some other columns and close this log. I remember trying this long back but not able to use the right way.

Either it is LINKTOFORM or LINKTOROW. Could someone help in this regard please?



I think that LINKTOFORM is what you need in the case you described:

LINKTOFORM() constructs a deep link to the form view named by view-name, optionally followed by one or more column-name/column-value pairs specifying a column name and its pre-fill value for the form, optionally in the app identified by app-id (or the current app if omitted).

Good luck!

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I think we were thinking the same thing at the same time, @MultiTech_Visions! :slight_smile:

LINKTOFORM() always creates a new row; LINKTOROW() only works with existing rows.

If you want the user to return to the same row for the logout (e.g., login and logout are recorded in the same row), you need to use LINKTOROW(), not LINKTOFORM().

I actually liked link to form, where I can organize the columns using a slice in a way I want and also prefill some values for some columns etc.

Is there a way I combine both like… I can specify which columns to display and their order of display(different from table order) and also prefill some values for.example log.out time as NOW() etc.?

You have to use a slice for this.

If login and logout are recorded in separate rows, you can use LINKTOFORM() for each.

If login and logout are recorded on the same row, you can use LINKTOFORM() for login and LINKTOROW() plus Initial value and Reset on edit expressions for logout.

Or, if no user input is needed for logout, you can just use an action button to create or update the row.

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LinktoRow can be used with a slice?
Can you share litle more detail or when I can link the slice and the LinktoRow… or may be any example also will help.

So can we mention the form name in the view name…
What is that we have to mention in view-name?
Is it the table view name?.

A form is a view, so use the form’s view name.

Thanks very much. Will try and comeback

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Thanks @Steve! I wasn’t thinking straight. I see my error now. Sorry for the bad advice, @Srikanth_S! Good luck with your app!

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No harm in trying, @Kirk_Masden! :slight_smile:

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That’s fine Kirk. I beleive I was not very clear at the start.
Thanks for your wishes.