LINKTOFORM Ref link broken

I’m using a LINKTOFORM action that carries over a ref value of a column to a form. It works, except when it gets carried over, the link breaks and only the numeric value is applied. I have to then manually select the ref once it’s in the form to reconnect the ref. How do I correct this so the Ref stays linked? This action formula I’m using is: LINKTOFORM(“Item Report”, “Item”, [Series])

In the configuration for the Item column, make sure the Source table is set to the table the Ref value refers to.

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Hey Steve, Just double checked and it is correct. I think it’s just reading the value incorrectly. Because when I click the dropdown, all of the appropriate refs are there, but it also carries over just the plain non-ref value (screenshot)

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I figured out the problem. In the formula LINKTOFORM(“Item Report”, “Item”, [Series]) I put used Series as the column because those are the values I want returned, but really I should have put in the Key column name. Series is the label so it still returned the vale I wanted.


Hi Nick,

Quick question. I did this exact thing, but the field is just blank. Any insight? Does the form need an initial value?

Hi Dan, sorry for the delay. When you did the same thing, are you referring to my last comment? Because that’s what solved the problem. I ended up using the formula LINKTOFORM(“Item Report”, “Item”, [Unique ID]), whereas the Unique ID is the key column