Linktoform - set the value for usersettings

I’m not sure if I m doing something wrong, or it is currently not possible.

What I m trying to do is to place new action which will open the form by using linktoform deeplink. Capturing data from table column where Action resides.
Then pass this value to the form, but the target form is USERSETTINGs instead of normal form view.

The expression works to open up the usersetting form, but I m not able to pass value to a usersettings.

I can reproduce the impossibility of it, using this behavior/action:

LINKTOFORM("Settings","Option 1", [SomeTextFieldValue], "Country Option", "A Static Value")

(The UI view is actually called Settings even though it appears to be called USER SETTINGS)

If no one else replies here with a decent solution, I would suggest opening a feature request and linking back to this post.

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