LINKTOROW/Action Logic Questions

I’ve created a beekeeping app with two primary tables. One table is for hive inspections and one is for yard management. The yard management table is a data table of each location with specific information collected and has a slice to manage hive counts of a number of different hive types that are verified during an inspection.

I’ve created a form from the hive counts data slice that we reference in two ways. Firstly, through an action after the Hive Inspection form is filled out which directs the user to the hive counts slice data for that hive that the inspection was just done for. I have it setup as the form action as the user hits save. So, on “save”, the action takes the user to the hive count slice form. I am using linktorow for this and it seemed like when I first set it up that it would pull the hive data from whichever hive the inspection was being performed on, but it seems like it may have stopped working for some reason and always shows the first hive in the list. For example, I am filling out the inspection form for Hive 3 and when I complete the inspection form and click save, I should be directed to the Hive Counts form with Hive 3 data pre-filled to adjust them for any new counts. What it actually does is goes to the Hive Counts form for Hive 1 instead. I think this was working correctly initially but am not sure if I may have changed something inadvertently that affect the action.

Secondly, the action does work properly when I am on the yard management tab. We can go to the yard view and the action button is there which works by pulling the specific location information for updating.

This is the linktorow syntax I am using on the action:
LINKTOROW([Location ID], “Hive Counts_Form”)

I’m hopeful someone can help me piece together why it won’t do the same from the Hive inspection form when we send them to this hive count form.

One thing I also want to be able to do is to take the yard management view and add up all of the hive data numbers so that we can create a quick reference report that shows the total number of hives in the entire operation.

LINKTOROW() is for forwarding the user to a view for an existing record. Is this what you want, or are you wanting the user to add a new record? I wasn’t following your description of tables and slices and relationships very well.

If a new record, you probably want to use LINKTOFORM() instead.


Thanks Marc. Linktorow is what I’m looking for. The inspection form itself has it’s own table entry, but, when the user hits save on that hive inspection form, I am forwarding them to the existing the hive counts, from the other table, where data for each location is stored. Do you think there is an issue because they are on different forms, that it won’t grab that location detail?

LINKTOROW([Location ID], “Hive Counts_Form”)

The above will only work if the [Location ID] value is the key-column value of the appropriate record in your Hive Counts table.

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Thanks Marc. I’m new here so I’m not sure if it’s good practice to post the app browser link, but I could message you the browser link to maybe make more sense of it?

@Marc_Dillon I think I’ve figured out what the difference is of why it works on the yard location view as an action button, but not on the inspection form save. Under UX, I had the inspection form “Finish View” set to the Hive Count Detail view on save. That must not bring through the current location data, only the location that is first in our list. Hence the example of working on Hive 3 inspection, but upon save, ending up at Hive Count form with Hive 1 data loaded, instead of Hive 3.

What I had thought I had seen in another example from one of the sample inventory apps, was doing it the way I’ve done it with the data slice in one table but embedding that form within another form. So essentially trying to make this Hive count form, part of the inspection form. I haven’t found good instructions on how to accomplish that but it looked like it was being done in the video I had watched. I haven’t been able to come across that example again unfortunately.

Hi @Jonathon_Prevost
Have you checked out nested forms?[doc_type][0]=Documentation&dFR[doc_type][1]=Apps&is_v=1