Linktorow question?

Hi guys

I how a link to row question
LINKTOROW(“BOC Number”,“CM Stand By Permits_Form”)

BOC Number is my key

what I want it to do is
before you edit the row you can select the boc number(key) first then the form fills itself out

am I doing it right?
show i be using link to row?

the idea is to select a action (edit permit) then it takes you the the form but it first has a drop down so you can select boc number so is fills the row (form) with that info

let me know if I am making sense here

thanks for the help in advanced

So i don’t want to to edit a new row

so when you click the edit permit action button , I want it to ask for the Boc Number(key) First then you can edit the row (so most of it get filled out on its own)

I want this Boc number to be a forced drop down then you can select the boc number then the form gets filled out

so I want the boc number to be selected by the user rather than the LINKTOROW trying to

something like this

Your problem description is very confusing. Take a step back and tell us in plain language what the user is trying to do with the app. Don’t tell us what the app is doing. Something like: “the user is trying to update an existing BOC, so I want them to choose from the existing BOCs, then pull up the chosen BOC to edit.”

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yes exactly right sorry, English is not my first language so I try my best lol


I would suggest creating a table view to display the existing BOCs. In the table view configuration, set the Row Selected event action to Edit.

Thanks steve

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