Linktoview action not showing up in events action of user interface

am working on a app where i want to link to another gallery view through another view by clicking on the picture. I have setup a link to view action in actions but its not showing up in the Events actions in the user interface… I would like help with this please

Please post screenshots of the following:

  1. The action configuration.
  2. The entire Target expression for that action.
  3. The configuration of the view in which you want to use the action.

there they are

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The action and the view must both be attached to the same table, or the view attached to a slice that sits atop the same table. Try attaching the action to the METAL ARTISAN table, then configure the view event.

I did this but it was giving me the same problem

This is my input:

If you have checked it all, you should be seeing the event actions when clicking the auto of the Row selected dropdown.

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I decided to redo the app… it seems there were many tables in the app. so it was starting to misbehave…I instead bundled up the data in one table and used Slices… and it worked… thanks for the help