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Hi Team,
I have a dashboard (“dashboard”) with 3 views (“A”, “B”, “C”).
And i have an action (“goToDashboard”).
How can I set the action if i want to go directly to view “B” of this dashboard?

thks and BR.

@J_jvs Could you please brief your use case.
If you really wants to go View B, then give the View B name in the action
“LINKTOVIEW(ViewB name)”, rather than “Dashboard” view name

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It is not possible to load a particular row into a component of a dashboard view.


Hi again,
i attached an image:
with an action I want to go to view “fitxesJugA” inside “jugA” dashboard.

It is not possible to navigate within a dashboard with an action.

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This used to not be a thing… then it was - to my astonishment.

Has something changed? Can you no longer load a dashboard with a record?

My understanding was that if the dashboard uses views all from the same base table, then it should work.

checking… yes this works, provided all your views shown inside the dashboard have a reference to the “base” table of the dashboard.

For instance, I’ve got a time tracking app that has a main interactive dashboard that allows you to select a “phase” and the dashboard shows you that phase’s relevant info.

By creating an action with linktorow([PhaseID], “Phase_Dash”) as the navigation action, I’m taken to the dashboard with the specific phase already selected.


Every day’s a school day! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Matt, as usual, lovely.


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Why thank you my good sir. :bowing_man:

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