Linkview, to the next row from the current one

I need to link to a view that shows the next row instead of the current one. How can i do this?

Can you elaborate?

Can i make combine a view to show information from 2 rows intead of just one? The second row will always be the one right below the current one.

Unfortunately you can’t do that unless you don’t create a VC for each column to hold the data of the next row

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How about linking each row? Creating an action that will take the user from one view to the other.
If user is viewing row 1, then an action to take him to row 2, if he’s viewing row 2 then an action to take him to row 1.

I believe logically this is not possible either

It is possible, i just need this to link to my row 2, which the key is “2” and my UX Details is called “Detailsview”. How do i write the expression correctly?

Where do you plan to put this action? I believe I couldn’t be able to imagine what you are trying to achieve

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It will be a button, just need it to take me to a view with the specific key row
Also forget my topic, i guess that’s not possible, i am now just attempting to link to a view with an specific row.

I got it working, my key row had a different number and i didn’t notice it. So LINKTOROW(2,Detailsview) does what i needed i just had a different value in my key column…