(List) Card View not showing single action inline


As you can see in the GIF above, there is only one action selected inside the card view…

  • yet it’s not being shown on the inline view.

You can see the space is there, but the action itself won’t show.

  • there are no conditions on that actions, other than the system generated condition - as this is a sys-gened action.
  • PS: if I click the :ghost: action, it works - fyi

So it’s there, just not being rendered properly.

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Hi @MultiTech_Visions maybe it has to do with your Icon. Can you try it with another icon?


You’d think a system generated action would have an icon that’s acceptable… lol

This is annoying.
Card view has been quite buddy, from the beginning, I wonder it might be still BETA status, I m afraid.


Which is sad because they’re some of the better looking ones. :frowning:

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I just hope major re-construction for UI should be going on now.
What I can do with you as always is just to keep fingers crossed with hope, mate.
But too many UI related issues these days, just annoying.


This never happened nor no follow up, so I personnely buried it.