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Good afternoon.
I ran into a problem that I still cannot solve.
Perhaps this topic was already there, but unfortunately I did not find it.
I have a table with which I can transfer the necessary rows using: add new row in another table, in the next table I need to select the value of the 3rd table from the other table, for now I used the simple formula - UNIQUE(Перевозчики[Перевозчик]) , then I need to select data, with the next column, with a list of data only based on the data in the previous column, the list is filtered from the previous column.

Then, I will transfer the completed data to the next table, through add new row in another table.

Please rearticulate.

It’s hard to make sense of your requirements.

Best would be to use a numbered list, with your requirements jotted step by step.

I agree with @Pratyay_Rakshit that this is hard to follow.

However, based on the comment above, I get the sense that you are moving rows from one table to another to separate them based on state or status? If so, this is a very messy, time consuming and inefficient process that will eventually slow down the app. AND maybe isn’t necessary - though I don’t know your needs and requirements.

A better way top handle this is to simply add a column (or columns) to represent the row state. Then you can use filtering inside of the app to select the rows in the desired state for display.

For example, you mentioned “completed data”. You could add a column named “Status” that you assign different status values to - maybe “New”, “In Progress”, “Completed”. As activity happens on a row you simply update the Status value to represent its state instead of moving the row to another table.

Then inside the app you can create what is called a Slice that selects all of the rows with a “Completed” status, using that Slice as if it were its own table.

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Yes, you’re right, I’m wrapping lines to process them, when transferring, I get the status of who processes them, and in principle, you can make 1 transfer less. but processing is automatically impossible to do automatically, it all depends on the information in the line, and I duplicate the information as much as depends on 3 factors.
And so I decided through valid if.
but mass transfer by status may come in handy. Can you more accurately tell how to do this? to bind slice to a button?

Just to clarify, I am advocating NO transfers. I was suggesting that you keep all rows in a single table and then use status columns to segregate the rows depending on need within the app. This achieves the same principle of transferring rows to another table when they have reached a certain state.

You know your use case better than I so if you absolutely must transfer rows between tables please state so. I and anyone else in the community will help with that however we can.

Slices, in the way we are discussing here, are just a subset of rows from the main table. You create this subset by applying a Row filter condition that selects the rows based on criteria you specify in an expression. See the article below for more details.

You can assign Actions (shown as buttons) to Slices using the Slice Actions property shown in the image. And another article below.

Please look over the article and then come back here if you have questions.

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