List from values in a row

Hello there!

I had a form with 3 columns [ID] [text] and [enumlist] both ([text] and [enumlist]) are blank and the enumlist allowed other values.
When I open this form and add some values in the [text] column with “,” separeted for each value, after save the form and reopen it is it posible to extract those values into the enumlist of this form?

What I´m trying to achieve is a sort of Cheklist with the values that are entered in the [text].

This will split words from a frase.
How can I add those words into an ENUMLIST?

Try, in valid_if field of [enumlist], enter in SPLIT( [text] , “,” )

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All ready try it and is not showing more than one option, and also is not allowing to select the enumlist

Please provide screenshots.

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Solve it.
It was missing the “,” in the [text]

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Hello @Marc_Dillon

I discovered something that I think is wrong.
Your expression works, but when I select some value from the EnumList and sync the App, it duplicates the selected values in the EnumList.
How can I fix this?

I’m sorry I’m not real sure how that could happen. Is your text column somehow dependent on the selections of your enumlist? Do you have anything in the enumlist’s suggested values field? Do you have other features setup that are somehow related to this?

Here is how it works: I have [text] where I enter words or frases separeated with a “,” so the [enumlist] could list all the values from [text], and it works, but when I select some option from the [enumlist] and sync, it still adding the values of [text], so values in [enumlist] after sync are duplicated. How can avoid this?

Shoot. I remember having this exact issue and I don’t remember how I fixed it… Let me stare at my app for a bit and see if it comes to me.

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It would be great!

I think I ended up restructuring my data. But for a different reason.

I’m pretty sure it had to do with item separation mismatches.

You indicate that you are separating with a comma and no spaces on either side. And thus, you are splitting by that same comma with no spaces.

This is slight conjecture from my memory, I might be wrong…

However, if there actually is a space on either side of the comma, this ends up happening because while AppSheet knows it’s valid data, there ends up being a mismatch because of the floating space that never got deleted. OR, it is also possible that this is happening because (per your screenshot) the EnumList has no item separator listed for how it should store them in the spreadsheet. This should match how you are setting up you comma separated text column.

So try that.


I will check on this

It seems that you have a grate memory!
Thanks a lot! Solve it!

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Was it spaces around the comma, or the item separator for the EnumList?

It should not be spaces around comma and it should go comma as a separator in the EnumLisy

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So the expression to avoid any mistake from the user, avoiding the spaces around comma should be something like this?

SPLIT([AgregarTareas],TRIM(" , "))