LIST has elements of mismatched types for Price column reference

New user. I’m getting the above error.
I’m trying to understand the “types” referred to here for the LIST function. The type rules aren’t mentioned in the docs. LIST() | AppSheet Help Center

If I create a list with a constant and a column reference I get this error, even though they are both numeric.

LIST([Purchase Price],175)

Hello @Joey_Marino, welcome to the community !

Could you share with us a screenshot of your [Purchase Price] column configuration? in particular regarding to it’s number format.

Sure @Rafael_ANEIC-PY It’s a “Price” Type. Do I need to convert my constant to a price type?

How about it’s decimal digits? the thing with “Price” types is that it can double as an integer or a decimal value, depending on it’s configuration, so that’s maybe where it can conflict with just using “175” instead of “175.00” for example

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I thought I tried that by declaring DECIMAL(175) but that didn’t work. Your method did work:

LIST([Purchase Price],175.00) does not give this error.


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