List of AppSheet Functions

Hi All,

Just in case I might have missed in help documentation, may I know if there is a list of available AppSheet functions ?

If not, I have prepared a concise list, by of course referring the help documentation, for my own handy reference , that I will be pleased to share to the community.

I am anyway attaching images of the list below.

@Steve and AppSheet team have created excellent help documentation on various AppSheet functions.

The excellent help articles for all these functions in the list below are available by simply typing their names at

I thought this list will help me to easily search an article under a category when I need to refer. Hope it helps others also as a handy reference.

Request let me know if I have missed functions or any other suggestions. A few functions appear in more than one list, because i believe they make a sense at both the places.

TEXT , Conditional and Logical Functions

Math and Misc Functions

Multirow and LIST functions

Time and Date Functions


Scroll down this page:

It’s mostly complete, but there are some omissions.


Exactly @steve - thank you very much. I will bookmark that page.

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