List of clickable hyperlinks

I have a table with hyperlinks to websites. The column type is url.
A virtual column has been created in another table. Using the SELECT function, I need to get a list of hyperlinks in this column in one line. The type of this column is LIST, in the “Type Details” section the “Element type” is URL. The list is displayed, but the links are not clickable. If the type is TEXT, then the list is displayed in the same way. If the type is URL, then an error “The type of the app formula ‘List of Url’ does not match the column type ‘Url’”.
Is it possible to display clickable hyperlinks in one line?

In AppSheet, a “link” is an action. It is possible to have multiple inline actions so I think it might be possible to have a few actions in a row that each “link” to a different URL in a list. However, “links” don’t work in AppSheet as they do in HTML (that is, you don’t just click on text) so it may not be possible to do what you are describing.


Kirk, thank you for answer.
My goal is to compactly display a list of active hyperlinks.
I can probably create multiple actions and place them on one row, but the number of hyperlinks can be more than the actions created.
Apparently the best way is inline table view.

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Not possible.



Thanks Steve.
This way is also good for me.

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