List of items in a form

I have a form in which a customer need to fill the products he wants to order.
The relevant tables are:
Products - list of items and the prices
Orders- ID for each order (parent of Order_Detailes)
Order_Details - holds the list of chosen products for each order

I have a form in which a customer fills the products but in order to add a new item the main form “opens” a new one, like in here:

  • these screenshots are from an example app “Order Capture”

It means that for each product the user needs to open a sub_form instead of doing it in the same form. this is quite annoying and not friendly for users/customers.

Is there an option to insert the list of items inside the main form with an option to add a new item and select the quantity? or something like “adding to a cart” option?

I have tried “Drop-down from valif_if” and “Dependent drop-down” but that’s not the solution.

Thanks a lot

Hi @eco_lbo! I was looking through inquiries that haven’t been replied to yet and noticed this inquiry from you. I don’t work for AppSheet (I’m just another user) but, on behalf of the AppSheet community, I’d like to apologize for the delay in responding. Usually, the community is pretty good about helping new members but I guess your post slipped through the cracks, so to speak.

I looked at the sample app and found that “Order details” has a “ref” formula. That, I think, is what is behind this somewhat atypical form behavior. I think it should be quite easy to avoid this kind of behavior if you prefer – just keep the data to be typed in in one table.

At any rate, though I’m rather late to do so, I’d like to welcome you to the community. If you have trouble building an app, I hope we’ll be able to help. :slight_smile: