List Subtraction whitout skipping duplicates

Hi, I have a list of Serials that I need to subtract one by one without joining the duplicates. for instance:
This is how the list subtraction works, it joins the duplicates and subtracts them
{Serial 1, Serial 1, Serial 1, Serial 2} - {Serial 1} = {Serial 2}
I need you to just subtract the item from the list one by one, like this:
{Serial 1, Serial 1, Serial 1, Serial 2} - {Serial 1} = {Serial 1, Serial 1, Serial 2}

Please if you know of a way to do it that way. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you, have a great day.

I am not aware of a way to do this.

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Gracias por responder

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Not perfectly elegant solutions, but this expression could do your jobs, depending on your exact requimements.

split(left(text([Enumlist]),find([Enum],text([Enumlist]))-3)&right(text([Enumlist]),len(text([Enumlist]))-FIND([Enum],text([Enumlist]))-len([Enum]))," , ")

[Enumlist] is a source column you are trying to manipulate. [Enum] column will pick up one of the enumlist item and then this expression would remove the 1st matching item from the list and returning list at the end.

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