List Type columns can only be Virtual

Can someone from Appsheet please explain why list type columns have to be virtual? Yet an ENUM LIST type is fine.

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The rational behind this question has cropped up a few times.

So I’ve got a table of educational courses. Each course has a name, typically a sentance or so long, and a Code which is Alphanumeric 3 Characters. The user wants to choose the courses via an ENUMLIST by name. Whereas I also need to record the code as well, as a list.

I can’t use a Ref with the course name as needs to be a multiple choice. And the table that stores the list of chosen courses is already at 2000 records and they are barely using the App. So I don’t want to use a virtual column unless I have to.

This works fine to create a lst of Codes, with the column as a TEXT

But now all the IN() funtions I have have failed. So I’m left with either changing IN() to CONTAINS() and being very strict on the course codes I use. Or go to a virtual column. Which is very inefficent as this Codes column will never change :frowning:

So each row has an EnumList column to contain the user-selected course names, and a column of some other type to contain the generated list of course codes corresponding to the chosen course names?

Can’t an EnumList have a base type of Ref?

Why not just make this column EnumList, too? Make the expression the column’s Initial value and set Reset on edit to ON.


This worked out fine

Thanks @Steve