List which equipment is available between 2 dates

Hi, we would like to find a way to list which equipment is available between 2 dates.

We have equipments that go out and come back. We make reservations with another table that REF to specific equipment.

Basically, we would like to be able to make a form or list equipment that are not “rent” for a specific period.

What would be the best approach to accomplish that kind of work.

Thanks for your help!

So presumably you’ll want the ability to search between two dates. So firstly your going to have to make either a seperate table to be able to put the dates in. Or use UserSettings, though this is more faffy. Once you have that you then need to decide if you want the output in a PDF via an email. Or setup a dashboard so you can see it all in the App. A PDF is better if this is info you have to send to someone else.

Happy to help futher with advice. Or I could do this for you as a one-off job. As I’m an Appsheet partner and I do this kind of stuff every day.

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Thank you Simon!

I just emailed you.