List with non-duplicate data

HELLO COMMUNITY, I am trying to make a list of non-duplicate data but I can’t, could someone help me?

It would help if you described your situation in more detail. What is a “supplier”, and where is it in this screenshot that you’re showing?

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Hello and thanks for answering, I have a list of suppliers that I call “PROV EEDOR”, these are repeated since different products are bought with each supplier, when wanting to make a nested data template, I would like the names of these providers.
the name “PROVEE DOR” appears in the yellow cell.
I tried with this expression “unique” but it does not give me result

<<Start:unique([Related REQUISICIONs By No])>><<[PROVEEDOR]>>

I’ve deleted the duplicate posts.

So you just want a single line per PROVEEDOR? Your current usage of UNIQUE() is doing absolutely nothing, as your “Related…” column is already a unique List of Key values. You could run a SELECT across that List, and pick only the first or last entry for each individual PROVEEDOR.

  [Related REQUISICIONs By No][#key-column#] ,
  [#key-column#] = MINROW( "REQUISICIONs By No" , "_RowNumber" , [#parent-ref#] = [_THISROW] )

Replace column names with “#” with the appropriate ones from your app. Replace MINROW with MAXROW to get the most recent entry instead.

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