Listing content on a given condition

Hi, I have no big problem but very important for my application. I have two tables. The first one has a list of employees, one of the columns is the region to which the employee belongs. The second table lists the places where inspections need to be made (in this table there is also a column with information in which region this place is located in which inspections should be made).

Based on the table with places for inspection, I created a slice with a list of orders for employees.

I would like employees from the “B” region to see only those jobs that are also in the “B” region.

Thank you in advance!

I believe, you may wish to further elaborate the above statment.

In general, if I have understood your requirement, please create a filter expression something like in the Inspection Tables.

The filter expression can be in the slice filter ( less secure approach) of the inspection table or in the security filter( secure approach) of the inspections table

IN([Region Column Inspection Table], SELECT( Employee Table[Region Column Employee Table], [Email Column in Employee Table]=USEREMAIL())

Or an expression like below , if an employee belongs to only any one region at a time

[Region Column Inspection Table]=ANY(SELECT( Employee Table[Region Column Employee Table], [Email Column in Employee Table]=USEREMAIL())


Thank you so much, you don’t even know how you helped me!

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You are welcome.

Hope you have noted the point on slice filters ( less secure) and security filters ( more secure) I mentioned above. Please take a look at the below article just in case you have not , especiiallhy the section “Can slices be used instead of a security filter?”


Thanks! I will read in a moment.