Little Brain Help

Hello Everyone,

Im having a little delemma, I just cant figure it out, I think it is just a simple slice,

Im looking to take a table of lot numbers with a virtual column that is always calculating the stock of the lot, and take away all the duplicate rows as seen below, I dont know what wrong atm, tried allot of things.

I just want to get all the duplicate rows of Lot Number. So im only showing an overview of the final results. 1 row, per lot number.

Set the slice row filter expression to:

    "My Table",
    ([_THISROW].[Lot Number] = [Lot Number])

Replacing My Table with the name of the table and Lot Number with the name of the lot number column.


Amazing. perfect thank you. Would never have figured this out.


What the expression does: Find the row number of the first row with the current row’s lot number. Is the current row that first row? If so, add it to the slice.


Amazing Thinking. Beautiful lol. I honestly had a huge chain of actions set up and different tables etc. was making it way to complicated. than deleted everything and was trying “Hoping” I could Figure it out with a slice and than there is Steve. @Steve :wink: