Hello dear Appsheet community.

I discovered Appsheet at the beginning of the year and I find it fantastic!

I have a geolocated tourist application development project.

I put my cultural places on a map with different important information (ID, TITLE, ADDRESS, LatLong, COMENTS, …)

I wanted to know if it was possible to automatically open the card of a place when the user approaches it (example, the effiel tower, arrives within a radius of 1km, the card with the information on the tower effiel appears automatically. Then I approach the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the information card of the cathedral appears).

Is it possible to send notifications to the phone when the user approaches a cultural site?

Is it possible to play a sound (MP3 file) automatically when the user approaches a point on the map?

I am new to appsheet and I am French, my English is not the best. I apologize in advance if my requests are not very clear.

Thank you for your answers.



You can add something like geofencing using the DISTANCE() formula.

I have an in-app guide that walks you through how to do this

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Hello thanks to reply,

I already use the DISTANCE function with a critical of 1 km, where I can’t do it, how do I target the right card (closest to the user) and how to automatically open the view?

Maybe with LINKTOROW?

If you review that linked resource, there is a step by step guide… already made. :slightly_smiling_face: