Livestock RFID

I am currently using App Sheets to develop a record keeping app for my sheep. I would like to request that you add RFID into columns. It would be nice if i could just scan the animals RFID ear tag to identify it instead of having to type in their ID number.

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You already can do this…
RFID is a segment of NFC (Near Field Communication)

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I’ve literally been playing with RFID tags all day lol, so pretty funny timing!

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If you scan the tags with Appsheet, and nothing comes up, then the Tags have probably been ordered through a “full service” company and may be encrypted so that it only works with their scanners/apps?

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Ok thanks

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@Grant_Stead @Allison_Tilghman
I tried scanning some RFID tags and could not get any data.

First, most Apple devices like iPads lack NFC completely, and appsheet looks like it’s scanning but just inputs nothing… Make sure your device does have NFC capabilities…

Second, Pre existing RFID tags, 9 times out of 10 will be encrypted or some crazy format. I’ve had really good success buying my own and programming them myself… You could also possibly get an app and erase/reformat the existing RFID, unless it’s locked, and then reprogram it with the same app… Really pretty easy…

You can get RFID tags from Amazon for cheap to experiment with.


HI @Grant_Stead
The RFID tags I have cannot be altered or reprogrammed and I cant use any other ones. My phone does have NFC capability. It looks like I wont be able to scan them. I tried downloading the data for them by importing a csv and it worked the first time except for not giving me the correct date format. The next time I tried to Import CSV the action didnt work.

Do your sheep have any other numbers or identifiers that you could use to search for the RFID number? Do you have all the info already in your app?
It doesnt look like we can Scan the RFID tags

Just an FYI I bought these to experiment with, and they work with Appsheet. I use a 3rd party android app called NFC Writer to format and apply plain text UUID.

And, there are ear tags are available on other websites…


Interesting, Thanks

Also, another option is to purchase these sticker labels, and simply apply them yourself to the ear tags… (Which I have also purchased and used extensively with Appsheet in an industrial manufacturing setting. I have one that has been stuck to my car for 3 years now…) Really cool, laser printable…


You can also get your own, and or start injecting yourself…
I have used these tube ones embedded in epoxy, you may have better luck embedding them in animals.
Wuups, link:

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