Load form within a form

I have form with a YES or No question. Is it possible to load another form with a set of questions if user hits n(No)? Please note that the form that opens if you choose N will be data in another table.

Do I have to create a behavior for this using one of the below?

App: open a form to add a new row to this table (not a row-level action)
App: open a form to edit this row

I am a noob. So If I am going about this the wrong way please let me know.


It is not possible to load a form within a form: you can’t navigate away from an in-progress/unsaved form to complete a different form, then return to the first form.

Upon completion of the first form, you can use an action to navigate to another form, but you can only navigate to one additional form based on answers in the first without substantial complexity.

Also note: you cannot use actions within a form. You can, however, attach an action to the form to be performed automatically when the form is saved.

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Hi @BigEfromDaBX
Would Conditional Branching help you?

Perhaps no, because you said, that the second form is from another table
But there is a solution. You can jump from one form to another. You can even jump back to the first form.
All you have to do is: Set an Action or a Grouped Action in every Form saved event:

This Sample App may help:

You can even delete the first form after jumping to the second form.