Loading Screen Animations

In the UX > Brand section of the editor, the loading screen of each can be customized so that whenever the app is manually synced, users see an image or animation while waiting for fresh data to load.

Check out some of the animation ideas below for getting started customizing your loading screens (copy the image link into the ‘Launch Image’ field of your app brand settings)


Very Cool, thanks.

@Peter - just a quick clarification. I see your image link is to giphy.com.
I assume animated gifs will work directly from google drive as well? I am looking to reduce the number of cloud services required to run a single app…


Nice, but would be xtra nice if the Square Sync image from Appsheet is then removed/replaced :slight_smile:


@Mike I think you might actually have trouble with the animated gifs or svgs if they’re hosted in Google Drive for now, but I’ll let you know if it works that way also.


Is there any possibility that appsheet will allow gif from google drive for the loading screen?

@Jeremy_F This is working already.

Right click on the gif and select “Get shareable link”.
In the URL just change the word “open” to “uc”.



Thanks. My loading screen now looks way better

@Fabian Nice, thanks! FYI, @Mike

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Is this exclusive to deployed as I’m still in prototype and I don’t see that option.

It’s actually not an option. Check the original post and click one of those animations. Then copy the link from “rotating balls” and add that link to your own Locale page.

Ah. Got it. I missed that part. Got it Working I with Henry_Scott that would be nice if that would replace the Square Sync Image or at least remove it.

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Thank you. What an awesome suggestion/tip.

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@Peter, i would like to see under the hood of your loading animation app. Can you please share?

hello fabian

i cant see this type url of my gif from gdrive

The URL shall be:



@LeventK thanks sir,

understood perfactly.

You’re welcome.

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+1 to this , I would love to customize the loading page hope that will be possible in the future.

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