Locale changes in appsheet


In my spreadsheet the date format we are using is dd/mm/yyyy… but in appsheet they are displayed as mm/dd/yyyy… How ca we change that ??

You can check this article.

You have mentioned about spreadhsset locale.

Additionally please check the locale settings in AppSheet editor under Data --> Table --> Localization , locale of the device where you are viewing the app, browser locale if you are browsing the app in browser mode. All these locale settings need to be in sync.


In my spreadsheet my locale is English (UK), in my appsheet it is also the same, in my mobile and browser it is also the same… But still in UX date is displayed as mm/dd/yyyy.

Please provide a screenshot demonstrating the problem.


Attached are Files… Locale in spreadsheet and display in appsheet is different… How can I fix that?

I have exactly the same issue.