Locale Issue

My spreadsheet (Google sheet) is set to locale of UK and my tables are all set the same, also as UK. When I show a form input, the date format is correctly showing as dd/mm/yyyy. When I see any entry in a table format or detail format, the dates are displayed as mm/dd/yyyy. Is there a setting I am missing? I can’t find anything beyond the locale setting for each table.

How about your mobile device’s and/or browser’s locale setting? Are they set as UK as well? For data display, AppSheet obeys to the device’s locale setting.

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Here are some screenshots from Appsheet directly. You can see the table is set correctly to UK (i.e. DD/MM/YYYY) but in the preview window it shows as MM/DD/YYYY in the Details view but DD/MM/YYYY in the form view. I’ve also attached a screenshot of the Google Sheet which is also set to UK and I have further set the date format on the columns to DD/MM/YYYY.

Here is a Firefox extension that I’ve used before to help troubleshoot Locale issues. I’m sure there is similar for Chrome if you use that instead.

Thanks. I’ve installed a Chrome equivalent but nothing I change seems to affect the app preview (after a refresh).