Locale not working properly?

(Lucas Tonelli) #1

Good evening!

I have a doubt. My app is accepting the locale from my Google Sheet normally, but when I open the item I’ve created, it changes to another locale. I’m from brazil and we use 24-hour clock system and day-month-year format. Does anyone know how to fix it?

(Philip Garrett) #2

If I understand you correctly, you are talking about how data values are displayed on the client device.

Make certain that your browser or device is set to use your locale. For example, in the United Kingdom, select the UK locale. In Thailand, select the Thai locale. The browser or device setting completely determines how data values are displayed within the app running on your browser or device.

(Lucas Tonelli) #3

Thanks to your help I discovered something.

In chrome://settings/languages if there are multiple languages available:

Move upwards the one you want to choose, for example, I’m using portuguese and if I move to english, the used one will be english!