Localization Google calendar

it is possible to translate the google calendar fields please

The most easiest solution should be you enter your own language for each fields “Display Name” in your prefered language.

It is here.


Thanks it work :ok_hand:t2:

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how to change Enum value list

What is going to happen if you directly change the works the enum option items?

it work great thank you tsuji

I changed the confirmed to other strings but I could not save the new form. You managed to save form in that way?

When i add an entry and choose the value translated ,they didn’t save the entry

Yes, for me, this is system defined enum values which we are not able to touch and change, as far as my quick test is concerned.

But it is making sense we are just connecting to Google Calendar where they do have their own schema and logic etc, which can not be changed so that Google Calendar up and run.

Perhaps change the Enum column’s base type to Ref to another table, the use the label column of that other table to supply the localized text?

yes, thats my idea as well.

Create another tables


in a single row and make a ref to it and use this as label.

Sorry, i need to be more precise.

Create table like

ID Label

confirmed 確認済み
tentative 暫定
cancelled キャンセル

Then we are able to localize the enum with base type to ref and look up this simple table.

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