Localize options:

localize: photo input options, and drawing photo input options

Hi @Iling_Yeh - can you elaborate on what you’re trying to build? Currently, photo capture and photo annotations are possible in your apps if your data contains ‘Image’ or ‘Drawing’ column-types. How are you trying to ‘localize’ those features?

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need to translate the source options


Also please add the possibility to translate these messages:

  • “Tap to unlock” in the Signature and Drawing field.
  • “Reset local changes?” and “This will permanently discard 1 local change.”
  • NFC message: “Ready to scan NFC”




@Fabian I added localization options for the: “Tap to unlock”, “Reset local changes?” and “This will permanently discard local changes.” Expect this next Monday afternoon.

The “Ready to scan NFC” and the “Select photo source” localization will come later (@Gil is working on it) – it requires an app release.


@nico Thank you for this update.
But I think there are now 2 options for the same thing:
We have:

Discard changes?
Any edits will be lost

And now you’ve added also:

Reset local changes?
This will permanently discard all local changes.

Perhaps AppSheet changed the term?

Another thing: After clicking on “Show Changes”, a Popup window shows up.
“Sent recovery data to the AppSheet backend”
This should also be translated.