Localize Sync Messages

I just learned that we can localize the Sync Messages, like @Rich did in App XY Maps with Version Control

switch(context(view),Building Maps Form, Processing Map....Almost Done, Syncing....)

Will look like this:

When you use a LINKTOROW() Action with forced sync, you can use this method to tell the user what is happening.
But you have to determine the landing view, not the view you are coming from.

I would like to use the sync message for a view I’m coming from.


  • Via an Action I can open a form. After saving the form, a workflow will print a page. “Print_Form”
  • This Action can be accessed all over the App: via deck view, via detail view and via Form Saved Event in a form.
  • The landing view will be different. Depending on the starting view.
  • So in the sync message I would like to tell: Show this message, when your starting view was “Print_Form”