Lock Country / State for Address Look-Up

I’m wondering if anybody has managed to find a way to stop the address look-up function auto-filling addresses from other countries (or even better states).

For example, I live in New South Wales, Australia.
For example, if I was to type "Sydney City Toyota the look-up function returns with an address in Nevada.

If I type Sydney City Toyota NSW, then the two locations for their dealerships in NSW show up.

While it’s not stopping the app from working, it’s really, really annoying for the end-user.

Hi @Ryan_Mortimer

It is probably not currently possible to turn off the address suggestion feature.
I know, it’s frustrating.

It seems like the work-around would be to use the input field as TEXT and prepare the address field in VC.

However, it would be better to add it as a standard feature, so it would be better to post a feature request.

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The autofill feature is fantastic, it’s just that I end up with a lot of American addresses!

I am already running my calculations through Google Maps API, but this is the final step.

I will add this to the feature requests now.