Lock Rows with PIN Temporarily

Is this possible anyone?

Row A has a 4 digit PIN saved in the record
Row B is empty, waiting for a 4 digit PIN that matches Row A
Which then shows Rows C, D, etc.

The question is, after a user types the PIN into Row B, and shows Rows C, D, etc. is there a way to reset the column B to empty, or anything other than what was entered?
The idea is (and i’m pretty familiar with security filters, slices, etc) when a user is looking at a record, or showing another person the record on their device, certain rows need to stay hidden until a pin is entered, but then, reset, so it needs to be entered each time the record is called on.
Or, is there a better way?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean to say “column” every time you said “row”. I’m going to assume you did, otherwise your data is probably not well set up.

The showIf condition for columns C and D would simply be:

[A] = [B]

As for resetting column B, that may be a bit harder. I think you would have to force the user into a Form view, to allow them to input the Pin, and show the hidden columns. Cancelling out of the Form view would of course remove the inputted Pin. Saving the Form view, you’d need to set a Form saved action that would clear the column’s value. I’m sure there are other ways to do this if this does not work for you.