Log entry for the user


I want to save the many user who are all editing the single row like i have in the image
I need to maintain a seprate table ??]
Can any one suggest a idea?

Yes, preparing the separate and independent table for logs is most ideal and easiest solution.

This table should store the time of edit, such as add row, delete, edit along with time stamp when it was made, as well as captureing useremail() to track who did.

Set action to add new row to this log table. For the log table, initial values for all the columns should be set based on your requirement in terms of what sort of data you wish to capture for log.

Once the action made, attach action to new workflow which will be triggered on “All_CHANGES”


I need to make a relationship with main table and the log table

Pass the parent table row ID value when you generate new log row and set data type to ref to look up parent table .


Can you suggest the expression for the Look up column

Just make a field data type to ref . No expression is required.