Log-in email address

Once we log in to the appsheet, then we will see the email address to see with which appsheet account (email) we are currently logging in.

However, once we open up app editor, it is gone.

We wish to make the login ID (email) always avaialble even we are on app editor.

Do you think that the “Preview app as” on the right lower corner is not enough?

Previous as is changable, so ideally, we wish to get the same arrangement at the navigation bar area with which email account we are log in. Not sure why it is removed even though we have that at the time we log in to the appsheet… Just simply keep it, that s my suggestion.

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As someone that regularly uses 2 appsheet accounts that share their apps, I agree fully since this was a removed thing instead of asking for an add that we didn’t have.

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