Log the last time the user synced their App

I’m trying to come up with a way so that when the user creates a record, the App logs the last time it synced. The reasoning behind this is that I’m having a few issues where users are never syncing their App. This causes issues where their is one task and I get 2 users saying they’ve done it. But also I’m getting issues where the user has set the app so that when its minimised it doesn’t have access to data

So I’m thinking about having a cell in the spreadsheet with =NOW() in it. This will get synced to their phone. Then we then add this timestamp to all relevant records.

Will this work? Has anyone got a better way?

I’ve heard this hurts performance of the spreadsheet itself. I don’t have details, but I consider it something to avoid.

A virtual column is only updated when its row is updated, or when the app syncs. Create a separate table that has one row, a key column, and a virtual column with an App formula expression of NOW(). That column’s value will always be the last time the app synced.