Log time when user touches an NFC tag

Hello. I don´t seem to find if there is already a question regarding this. If there is please accept my apologies and point me in the direction.

I have a set of NFC and QR codes distributed in different locations
I have written the name of the location in each NFC tag / QR code. (in some places I have tags and some places I can only place QR codes)
Users will complete a circuit and touch a NFC card everytime they pass through one of those locations. We will then calculate times and durations based on those logged times.
I need to log the time for each location and do so when they touch with the phone the NFC card.

Tables looks like this:

user name | time for location1 | time for location 2 | time for location 3 |

So far in the app I have a form where I have each field of the above table.

User Name
time for location 1
time for location 2
time for location3

Currently users can type the time manually but I want to make this so that they don´t have to type. Just scan the tag and codes.

Could anyone help me understand how I could capture the value of the tag and save the time in the corresponding column?

Many thanks.

If I have understood your requirement correctly, you may wish to take a look at the ChangeTimeStamp column to capture time whenever the app user scans the QR code.



That was very useful @Suvrutt_Gurjar The solution and the approach. I had not think of it in that way. Thanks a million!