Logical branching to End an App?

I am creating an inspection app for my workplace. As each part comes into Receiving, the inspector chooses the part. From there a list of criteria is generated. However, each list is specific to the part. Some parts have 6 questions; some parts have 22 questions.

Part A:
Q1: Check the span of this hole.
Q2: Check the span of that hole.
Q3: Be sure there is a stamp of XXXX on the part.
Q4: Be sure there is a TRIANGLE stamp on the part.
Q5: Are there any scratches?

Part B:
Q1: Check the overall length.
Q2: Is the part painted?
Q3: (there is no question 3, so end the app)

I have 2 tables. One is the parent to record all inputs. The second is part numbers. The columns are part/name/procedure/q1/q2/q3/q4/q5/q6/etc. Since there are up to 22 questions asked, depending on the incoming part, if an inspector has a part that only has 2 questions like above, I would like it so they don’t have to cycle through 20 more questions that don’t exist. Like the 2 examples above: Part A should see 6 questions. Part B should only see 2.

Is there a way to add an END or conditional formatting to limit what the inspector sees?


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I referenced all those documents already. Everything works fine-ish.

The issue is that I get too many pages to cycle through. Using example above, Part B would have to cycle through 4 blank pages to reach the end.

I don’t see how to SKIP questions 3 through 6, if they are blank. I have tried Show_If with ISNOTBLANK expression. Assuming that, Show_IF this particular column <i.e. question 3> ISNOTBLANK. SO if question 3 IS BLANK, don’t show the question–and the subsequent questions.

Or some type of expression, IF Question 3=“End” then skip to last Header section. I could add the word END in the next column. Is there a way to do that?


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That is hepful.I understand what you are saying. I am working on the Show_If statement that says:

Show if question 3 on part numbers sheet is NOT “End”
Show if question 4 on part numbers sheet is NOT “End”
and so on

NOT(part numbers[question 4]=“END”) does not seem to be what I am looking for.

When I get the right syntax, would I need that Show_If statement for every portion under that page header?

Question 3, for example, has data that has to be recorded pertaining to the question.

I will screen shot what I mean:

So would I have to add that Show_If expression to Lot Number, Sample size, Acc, Rej, and Remarks too?–So as to NOT show them?

If you have a column of type Show and category of type Page_Header, and that Show column has a Show? expression, all columns on thaty page will be shown or hidden according to the Show column’s Show? expression; you do not need to also configure Show? for each individual column.

It appears he form’s page 1 would always be displayed. From the first page, the user chooses the part being inspected. Each other page should have a Show? expression that hides the page if it is not suitable for the part chosen on page one.

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Here is the column structure for the Part Numbers table. It is REF .

Ok. Good that helps. Thanks.

Can you offer any insight in how to write the syntax for the expression needed?

I have the idea of how I want it to run IN MY HEAD. But I am clearly missing something. I am not seeing anything that helps me NOT show if a different table is referenced.

From the REAL data in screenshot above, the first Part from Plant 1 does not have a Question 4. That sheet is the referenced table. Show_If NOT(Part Numbers[Question 4]=“END”) gives me the warning "Cannot compare List with Text in (Part Numbers[question 4]=“End” I am searching that warning and not seeing anything that helps me fix it. Clearly missing another expression or something, but not sure what.

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That does not work, even though the statement is false.

According to the what we said above, that means this question SHOULD not display. Still means I have the wrong expression in there, right?

Got it, Steve.

I deleted the word “End” and went back to blanks.

Used the expression ISNOTBLANK([Question Four]) and that seems to work great.

I appreciate your help.