Login for external companies

Our clients, who I want to be able to have secure access our app, are solicitors from various firms. If I’ve understood correctly they need to have either Office365 or Google accounts (or a handful of other social accounts) to be able to login.

  1. Have I understood this correctly?
  2. Is there any way around this, as it’s a deal breaker for us (they aren’t particularly tech savvy, and having to get them to sign up for a whole other service to be able to login to our app is too much of an ask (plus doesn’t present the professional image we are after)?




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Provided you subscribe to the Business Plan and incorporate AWS Cognito, then you can design you own login page, have the options of password reset and forgotten password, you can manage all the users from AWS cPanel directly and also can use social media login. Besides, the Business Plan pricing includes the user licence fee up to 100 user licences.


Is there any way to see this tested?

I’m kinda in the same situation. Where I can’t show the app to colleagues or management, but using my own login.
Would like to be able to share a link an give them a login for their own. so that the slices also work.

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Hello !!

I am interested in this topic. In particular on the Log-in part allowing to restrict a view to only certain person. How did you do ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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