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How i can enable just one user to be able to change to delete or to add to lists inside
please send picture will be more easy for me to understand
And also here after i press user will just show me this message and nothing will happen

So what i want… is to give full control to one person and the [ rest to only be able to see the content !!! ]
Thank you very much you-re awesome


Didn’t help i want to have one person with full control and the rest just to see the content

The feature described in that document will give you what you want.

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Thanks for your reply but still not helping me to understand
my skill on coding is ‘0’ i need more than that and some images with specific buttons,and steps… can help more
i’m new here …

I believe what you are looking for is a combination of what @Steve provided above PLUS the ability to use USERROLE() function in Security Filters

First, you need to assign the role of each allowed user in the app - “Admin” or “User”. Use the USERROLE() function to look up that assigned role throughout the app. This article shows where to go to assigne the roles

Now, with roles assigned, you can go to the Security Filter of each table you need to control and apply an expression like (I have never done this so I believe this is possible):