Logout out of app using Action button

Hi Appsheet Team

Is it possible to create an action button to completely sign out of an app (and out of the google session for the same app) with a deep link or some other method?

There’s nothing built into AppSheet that would provide that, no.

@Steve, is it still impossible to force a user logout if certain conditions are met? In my case, they didn’t complete the add new user form so they are in limbo with NOTHING in the app visible to them. I’d like to force them all the way out of the app.

If I can’t do that, any suggestions?

As far as I know, yes.

Approach the problem from the other direction: don’t let them in until they’ve completed the form. Design a minimal experience that ushers the user into–and possibly back into–the new user form until it’s complete.

If you’re using security filters, you can augment your filter conditions to block everything until the user is accepted.

Thanks. That’s where I’m currently working. I wish I could capture the Cancel button and customize the action. I made a card view that displays an error text with an action to go back to the add new user form. I’ve removed everything from showing in the menu or on the bar across the bottom. I’m still checking to make sure it is all working.